IWISHYOU, furnish your living spaces with the suggestive Made in Italy fragrances

IWISHYOU is an exciting journey through the wonders of Italian landscapes, a refined range of home fragrances characterised by enveloping scents that celebrate the Mediterranean.

The sophisticated floral essences combined with sweet fruity notes, give life to intense and pleasantly persistent aromas. The woody base notes refine the fragrances to sublimate them.
Recall the beauty, your most beautiful memories and furnish your living spaces with elegance and uniqueness.

Tobacco and Citrus

A citrus and sweet woody accord characterises the warmest fragrance of the range. The energising charge of the citrus top notes, such as Lemon, Orange and Neroli essential oil, gives way to the spicy and sparkling perceptions of Nutmeg and the tobacco and carnation leaves. The harmony of the opening notes with the lively central notes ends in the persistence of cedar woods, the sensuality of Patchouli and enveloping Vanilla and, finally, with the earthy air of Vetiver.
Tobacco and citrus is a joyful fragrance and the enthusiasm of its accords provides a welcoming comfort zone.

Olfactory perception Warm, citrusy, woody fragrance
Top Orange, Neroli, Lemon
Heart Tobacco, Nutmeg, Carnation Leaves
Base Cedarwood, Vetiver, Vanilla, Patchouli
Feeling Energising

A fruity and delicately floral accord characterises the sweetest fragrance of the range. The velvety notes of Apricot and aromatic notes of Cassis, together with the herbaceous freshness of Dill, open up a refined fragrance. The intensity of the pomegranate is in the middle notes, accompanied by the sweetness of red fruits such as raspberry and strawberry and the elegance of jasmine and cyclamen flowers. These scents are hosted by the sweet base notes of Vanilla that caress the senses together with a sophisticated Rosewood and a seductive Patchouli.
Melograno is a sensual fragrance and its romantic accords provide a chic and sophisticated comfort zone.

Olfactory perception Fruity, floral and vanilla fragrance
Top Cassis, Dill, Apricot
Heart Raspberry, Pomegranate, Strawberry, Jasmine, Cyclamen
Base Rosewood, Patchouli, Vanilla
Feeling Comforting
Grape and Blueberry

A fruity and pleasantly floral accord characterises the most intense fragrance of the range. The top notes are inspired by juicy fruits such as red currant and cassis and the vitaminic charge of mandarin. The soft petals of Violet and Geranium are present at the heart of the scent, where the Rosewood and ripe Raspberry ennoble the fragrance. To close the accord, the warm sensations of Vanilla and effervescent Virginia Cedar Wood welcome the sinuous purple brushstrokes of flowers and fruits.
Grape and blueberry is an intoxicating fragrance and its soft accords provide a young and modern comfort zone.


Olfactory perception Fruity, floral and vanilla fragrance
Top Cassis, Grape, Currant, Mandarin
Heart Geranium, Raspberry, Violet petals, Rosewood
Base Virginia cedar wood. Vanilla
Feeling Soothing