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IWISHYOU is born on June 20, 2020 at 11.43 pm, exactly at the same time of Summer Solstice.

It is a box of creativity, an atelier where Artists and Designers turn emotions into a refined sensorial experience.

IWISHYOU is an idea by the businessman Dario Roselli, founder of Affreschi & Affreschi which is an artisan company that has stood out since the beginning for its vocation for high decoration and that has contributed to writing the story of Made in Italy, thanks to the creation of a flexible wall. This product has made the company famous all over the world in the wallpaper field.

Affreschi & Affreschi is an alchemy between matter, creativity and beauty, strong distinctive elements which give the company an imprint of timeless elegance.

IWISHYOU is the continuation of an almost 20-year-old story and what makes it unique is the material that has always been loved by those who keep on choosing it everyday. Find out how the idea was born and how it has become an actual Italian reality within time.

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