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Vincenzo D'Alba

Vincenzo d’Alba (Lecce, 1979) is an architect, designer and illustrator.

In 2007, together with Prof. Francesco Moschini and then with Engineer Francesco Maggiore, creates and coordinates the Project T.E.S.I. (European Experimental Interuniversities thesis), in collaboration with “Politecnico di Bari” and the “Università degli Studi – La Sapienza – di Roma”.

He is a collaborator of the “Fondo Francesco Moschini”, “Fondazione Dioguardi”, Domus Magazine, “Istituto Centrale per la Grafica (Calcografia di Stato)”, “Accademia di San Luca” and “A.A.M. (Architettura Arte Moderna)”.
This last one invited him to take part at the initiative “Duetti – Partite a scacchi sul disegno”. On this occasion he designed together with A. Anselmi, M. Botta, G. Canella, M. Cucinella, A. Femia5+1AA, D. Fo, M. De Lucchi, R. Moneo, A. Mendini, L. Ontani, A. Ortiz, P. Portoghesi, F. Prati, F. Purini, T. Scarpa, L. Semerani, A. Siza, E. Sordini.

In 2009 he is awarded the “Premio Giovani Architetti” by the “Accademia Nazionale di San Luca”.

He takes part in two editions of the exhibition “Architettura Incisa” organized by the “Istituto Nazionale per la Grafica” and in various seminars, lectures, film festivals, book series and exhibitions.

His work can be found at the MAXXI Museum, “Istituto Centrale per la Grafica”, “A.A.M. Architettura Arte Moderna”, and in various private collections.

From 2013 he is an architect and designer at KIASMO.

Along with the architect activity, he is also author of essays and articles concerning art, photography and architecture. Moreover, he also realize drawings and book illustrations, magazines and posters.


Season One


The “Season One” collection consists of a series of drawings brought together by the same stylistic research. The metaphoric and geometric dimension is blended into a unique and original iconographic vision. The collection of wallpapers composed of practical and decorative objects becomes an opportunity to create a space laden with new contents and suggestions. Each object takes on a key role in attempting to intertwine a new kind of balance within the living space.


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From: Original price was: €47,50.Current price is: €47,50.

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