Studio WAR

WAR was founded in Rome in 2013. Its essence lies between the concept of a mannerist architecture studio and an independent space for research in the contemporary practice. The Warehouse of Architecture and Research is extremely tied to the roman culture. Theory alongside practice, dialogue before design. In the warehouse, a collective hive-mind of documents, books and drawings, the team elaborates architectures and books, exhibitions and furnitures, schemes of urban development and questionable ideas. WAR held lectures at La Sapienza in Rome, Politecnico in Milan, Parsons School of Design and Pratt Institute in New York. Their works have been exhibited in Rome, Venice, Milan, New York, at the Royal Institute of British Architects in London, and published in international magazines such as Artribune, Corriere della Sera, Domus, Summa+, The Architect’s Newspaper among others.




The philosopher Richard Kearney said,“An image is an unreality which has no qualities unless given by us”. dRAWings is a collection of projects (that were never made). A reflection on how architecture must initially be dreamed up in order to exist and take shape.