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Ludovica+Roberto Palomba

Ludovica + Roberto Palomba, architects, working and living in Milan. In 1994 they founded Palomba Serafini Associati.
They received several awards and international recognition such as il Compasso D’Oro, l’Elle Decoration International Design Award, il Red Dot, il Design Plus, il Good Design Award, il German Design Award.
They plan architecture and exhibitions all over the world, they collaborate with and are art director for some of the most accomplished brands.
“our design and architectural projects are based on the analysis of changes and behaviors. Both the first sketches and the final draft of every project have been processed by our visions are needs, at the same time synergic but different, almost consensual. This completeness was born from a method, not from a style. A method to combine the opposites: creativity and function, innovation and longevity. Never forgetting originality and pureness of shapes.”




Here & Now is a life philosophy that looks for happiness in the certainty of what is happening right here and now. This doesn’t mean that the past or other places don’t exist.
In our project, the past is represented by images of animals, taken from antique, late nineteenth century prints. They are NOW overlapped, in a strongly defined, contemporary and geometric grid.
The past and the present are seamlessly fused together.
Our project is created by a high tech printer that reproduces these designs onto a plaster material mixed with marble powder. The plaster that is printed HERE can be bought and installed in any part of the world.