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Carlo Colombo

Carlo Colombo is considered to be one of the most important Italian architects and designers on the international scene. Since the beginning he has collected a lot of collaborations with the most important “made in Italy” design brands like Flexform, Poliform, Giorgetti, Cappellini, Antoniolupi, Flou, Penta , Amini, Elie Saab, Cartier, Bentley Home, Bugatti Home, Trussardi Casa, Olivari, Faber, just to mention few. Beyond designing products and furniture, Colombo also takes care of strategy and marketing for the companies. He also curates exhibitions, works as a consultant and art director for the brands he collaborates with. In 2011 he teaches design at De Tao Masters Academy of Beijing. His work was initially focused in design and interior, but extended also into construction, in Italy and abroad. Carlo Colombo is a professional who creates projects characterized by a high artistic value, and this is proved by the several awards which have marked his career. Today with his studio A++ deals with large-scale design all over the world, from design, interior design and architecture.




This is the concept design phase where the designer’s creative side shows the concrete journey to executing the project.
Juxtaposed main shapes, round and angled, curves and straight lines, and colours that blend into each other make up freehand backgrounds, like developing an idea that gradually becomes more defined in the search for details. I wanted to demonstrate the graphic and conceptual approach of research into three-dimensionality, upon which my designs are shaped.
Carlo Colombo