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Conditions of sale and terms of use

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Conditions of sale and terms of use
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General conditions of sale and terms of use
     1. Site name and ownership
The undersigned General Conditions of Sale govern the offer and purchase of Products sold through
the website (“Site”) by Affreschi & Affreschi S.r.l and the terms of use of the Site. The
Site is owned by Affreschi & Affreschi S.r.l
     2. Scope of application of the General Conditions of Sale
2.1 The offer and purchase of Products on the Site constitute to all effects a distance contract
governed by Chapter I, Title III (articles 45 and subsequent articles) of the Italian Legislative
Decrees N. 206 of 6 September 2005 (“Consumer Code”) and N. 70 of 9 April 2003, which
governs e-commerce.
2.2 These General Conditions of Sale apply to all contracts concluded with Affreschi & Affreschi
S.r.l on the Site.
2.3 The General Conditions of Sale can be amended at any time without notice. Any changes and/or
new conditions will come into force from the moment they are integrated into the “General
Conditions of Sale” section. Customers are therefore encouraged to check the General Conditions of
Sale during each purchase.
2.4 The Customer must carefully read the General Conditions of Sale and keep a copy.
     3. Purchases on the e-commerce site
3.1 The purchase of Products through the Site is made upon registration or as guests and is allowed
only to people aged 18 years and over.
3.2 Pursuant to art. 3, paragraph I, letter a) of the Consumer Code, users are reminded that legal
persons are deemed to fulfil the role of consumers when the products they purchase are intended for
purposes other than their use in the ambit of their respective business, commercial, professional, or
craft activities.
3.3 Affreschi & Affreschi S.r.l reserves the right to refuse or cancel orders if it believes that there
are valid reasons which will then be motivated by email.
3.4 For shipments outside Europe, the diffuser is shipped without perfume as it contains alcohol and
is therefore flammable.
   4. Signing up
4.1 To sign up the Site, the Customer must fill in the appropriate form. Registering on the Site
allows the Customer to manage data and orders. The Customer is required to keep all access data,
and he is not entitled to disclose them.
4.2 The Registered Customer guarantees that the information provided during registration to the
Site is complete and authentic and undertakes to release Affreschi & Affreschi S.r.l from any
damage, obligation of compensation for procedures related to registration and data processing.
     5. Cancelling or modifying orders
To modify or cancel an order, please contact Affreschi & Affreschi S.r.l. no later than 12 hours after
sending the order by email to or by telephone to (+39) 0836891054,
ALWAYS indicating the order number of reference.
     6. Information on the status of orders and shipments
At the time of shipment, the Customer will receive the shipment tracking number at the email
address indicated in the order.
     7. Product warranty
All products sold by Affreschi & Affreschi Srl on its website are covered by a legal
guarantee of conformity pursuant to and for the purposes of Articles 128 and subsequent articles of
Italian Legislative Decree N. 206 of 2005 (“Consumer Code”).

     8. Method of payment
Purchases made on are safe and guaranteed, and payment can be made with one of the
following ways:
– Advance bank transfer
– Credit card
– PayPal
     8.1 Payment by bank transfer in advance
If the payment is made by bank transfer in advance, the order will be handled only after the full
amount has been credited.
Payment must be made within 3 days from the order, including the order number, date, name, and
surname of the Customer in the reason for payment.
Once the deadline has expired, the order will be cancelled.
The bank transfer shall be addressed to:
IBAN: IT64S0200879721000105884419
Name of account holder: Affreschi & Affreschi S.r.l
Bic Code/Swift: UNCRITM1
8.2 Payment with credit card
If you choose to pay by credit card, simply follow the instructions during the purchase.
8.3 Payment with PayPal
By selecting the PayPal payment method, the Customer will be redirected to the PayPal website,
where he will complete the procedure.
In case of cancellation of the order or non-acceptance of it, the amount will be refunded to the
PayPal account.
     8B Prices, product photos, availability, Gift Cards, and promotional codes
8B.1 Prices displayed at the time of ordering on our website shall apply
8B.2 Products displayed on the website are presented using digital photographs of real
products. Since they are handcrafted materials, they may differ slightly from the photos during
processing, and this does not constitute a lack of conformity.
8B.3 If you order several products on the same form, each item may be individually delivered on
different deliveries. However, shipping costs will be charged only once.
     8C Gift Cards
8c.1 The Gift Card does not expire and is valid for the purchase of all IWISHYOU products,
excluding additional Gift Cards.
8c.2 The replacement or conversion into the money of the Gift Card is only permitted in accordance
with the regulations concerning replacements and refunds.
     8D Promotional Codes
8D.1 Promotional codes may have an expiry date and are valid for the purchase of all items except
Gift Cards. The terms and conditions of the codes are indicated in the email containing the code
8D.2 The replacement or transformation into cash of codes associated with marketing campaigns or
offered by IWISHYOU is not permitted.
Affreschi & Affreschi reserves the right to cancel or block the promotional code for valid reasons,
such as loss or misuse of codes. Affreschi & Affreschi will inform the holders of the promotional
code about its cancellation or blocking.
8D.3 Return of ordered items with promotional code:
If the item to be returned is associated with an order of several items, the value of the promotional
code will be subtracted from the total amount, and the difference will be refunded. The promotional
code will lose its validity. In case of withdrawal, the promotional code will no longer be valid.
There is no right to a refund or replacement of the promotional code.

     9 Shipping and Costs
The cost of insured shipping is charged to the Customer and will be calculated in real-time.
     10. Delivery time
Delivery times of the products are indicated in real-time in each product sheet.
The date of delivery is purely indicative and is in no way binding for Affreschi & Affreschi.
Affreschi & Affreschi uses various couriers based on the destination of the goods.
In the event of non-delivery of the products due to incorrect address or due to the fact that they are
stored in the courier’s warehouses and/or for any reason attributable to the Customer’s behaviour, a
new shipment will be possible only after an advance payment of the same according to the
instructions indicated by Affreschi & Affreschi.
     11 Delivery of goods
All the delivery of the goods the Customer is held to control:
– that the number of packages delivered corresponds to the number indicated on the shipping
– that the packaging is intact and not altered in all its parts.
If the packaging has been tampered with and/or is damaged in any way, the Client shall
immediately dispute the shipment and/or delivery using the form received from the courier and
inserting the phrase “GOODS NOT CHECK DUE TO…” (indicating the reason).
The Client shall subsequently report any damage within 3 days of receiving the goods, using the
methods indicated by the shipping agent responsible for delivering them.
Affreschi & Affreschi guarantees A SAFE AND PROTECTED SHOPPING EXPERIENCE.
The Client will carefully check the packaging as soon as he gets the goods delivered by the courier.
If the packaging is visibly damaged and its content might have been compromised, the Client
must refuse the delivery informing the reason to the courier.
Affreschi & Affreschi will get the ordered items reshipped, respecting the delivery times shown in
real-time on the Site, without any additional costs for the Customer. Delivery times must be
calculated from the moment of receipt of the email confirming the refusal of the goods for damaged
     12 Right of Withdrawal
The right of withdrawal is governed by the current legislation referred to in Articles 52 et seq. of the
Consumer Code, as amended by LEGISLATIVE DECREE 21 February 2014, No. 21.
The Client who purchases goods in his role as Consumers, as defined to in section 3.2 of this
agreement, are entitled to withdraw from the contract for any reason and without penalty within 14
working days of placing of an order, and without incurring any costs other than those set out in
Article 56, paragraph 2, and article 57 of that aforementioned legislative decree.
The full text of the Consumer Code, last updated on 16 September 2015, is available at
The right of withdrawal does not apply to items personalised with the logo and name.
Please note: The right of withdrawal under Articles 52 et seq. of the Consumer Code is
RESERVED EXCLUSIVELY for Consumers, who are defined by Article 3 of the Consumer
Code as the natural person who acts for purposes unrelated to any business, commercial,
craft or professional activity that may be carried out (2).
Therefore, those who purchase with a VAT number and, thus, as a company and/or
professional, cannot exercise the right of withdrawal.
     13 Withdrawal procedure
The right of withdrawal must be exercised in the following ways:
– The purchased Product must be intact and returned in its original packaging complete with seals
and accessories supplied.
– In order to exercise this right, the Customer must send an email to Affreschi & Affreschi at within 10 working days from the date of delivery of the goods.

– Once the above-mentioned communication has been made, and received acknowledgement of
receipt from Affreschi & Affreschi, the Customer shall get the Product sent, at its own expense –
after having properly and properly packed it in its original packaging – by express courier, together
with a copy of the receipt, to the following address: Affreschi & Affreschi S.r.l area Pip, lot 9,
Minervino di Lecce 73027 LE – Italy. Until the Product is received at our warehouse, the shipment
shall be under the complete responsibility of the Client.
Affreschi & Affreschi may not be held responsible in any way for any damage and/or
theft/loss of returned products.
     14 Returns and refunds
The goods must be returned to Affreschi & Affreschi in accordance with the terms set out in
point 13 and accompanied by the authorisation form.
With the exception of any costs necessary to restore the original packaging, Affreschi & Affreschi
will refund the full amount to the Client within 14 days of the Return of the goods, by a transfer of
the amount charged to the credit card or by paid by bank transfer.
In the latter case, it will be the Client’s responsibility to provide the bank details on which to
receive the refund.
     15 Forfeiture of the right of withdrawal
The Client shall forfeit the right of withdrawal and the consequent right to be refunded in the event
that Affreschi & Affreschi ascertains the existence of at least one of the following conditions:
– Use (even partial) of the goods and any consumables;
– Absence of original external and/or interior packaging;
– Absence of product components (accessories);
– Damage to the Product attributable to any cause other than shipping
In the above-mentioned cases, Affreschi & Affreschi S.r.l will return the goods to the Customer
charging the latter for shipping costs.
     16 Applicable law
16.1 The purchase contract concluded on the website is governed by Italian law.
16.2 The above shall not prejudice the application of more favourable conditions applicable in the
country of residence or provisions that are binding under the terms of the locally applicable
legislation, in the case of Consumer users whose normal residence is not in Italy, in particular with
respect to the deadline for exercising of the right of withdrawal and/or the deadline for the Return of
the Products in the event they wish to exercise this right, the procedures and formalities for
communication thereof and in the legal guarantee of conformity.
16.3 Note that in the case of consumer client, any disputes concerning the application,
implementation, and interpretation of the present General Conditions of Sale, shall be resolved by
the court having jurisdiction in the Client’s place of residence or chosen domicile. In the event that
the Client is not deemed to fulfil the role of consumer, any dispute concerning the application,
implementation and interpretation of the present General Conditions of Sale shall be resolved
exclusively by the Court of Lecce.
16.4 A client who is resident in an EU member state other than Italy may, furthermore, also have
access, in any dispute concerning the application, implementation and interpretation of the present
Terms and Conditions of Sale, to the European procedure established for modest disputes, by
Regulation (EC) No. 861/2007 of the Council, 11 July 2007, provided that the amount in dispute
does not exceed, excluding interest, entitlements and expenses, Euro 2,000.00. The text of the
regulation is available on the Website
     17 Notice to Consumers – ODR Online Dispute Resolution
Pursuant to the provisions of art. 14 of Regulation (EU) 524/2013/EU, the consumer client is
informed that, as an alternative to court litigation, both the consumer and Affreschi & Affreschi
S.r.l may avail themselves of the on-line dispute resolution solution by submitting a claim via the
platform provided by the European Commission. This service may be used by the European
consumers to resolve any dispute relating to, and/or arising from, contracts of sale for goods and

services stipulated on-line by means of a non-judicial process. The platform may be accessed at the
following link (
Affreschi & Affreschi S.r.l can be contacted by the body at the following address:
For any clarification in this regard, please contact us at the email address published in this
     18 Suggestions/Reports/Complaints
For any suggestions, complaints and/or reports you can write to
     19 Contact details
General Information & Customer Service:
Affreschi & Affreschi S.r.l zona Pip, lotto 9, Minervino di Lecce 73027 LE
Tel 0039 0836 891054 –