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Marco Piva

Exciting, fluid, functional, this is the language that distinguishes Marco Piva’s architectural creations, product design and interior design. The effort in material research and technology, the value of differentiation, the design innovation, lead the establishment of Studio Marco Piva, whose production becomes one of the most representative of the italian design.

Studio Marco Piva works ranges from Masterplan to architecture, interior design and industrial design.

Marco Piva, a traveller and a designer, an innovator who is dedicated to create design solutions pervaded by stylistic freedom.

In Japan, in Osaka, the Studio has participated in the design and construction of the innovative complex Next 21, in the UAE designed for the hotel and residential complexes of Oceana and Tiara on Palm Jumeirah in Dubai. Studio Marco Piva has also designed the Laguna Palace in Mestre, the Port Palace in Monte Carlo, the Hotel Mirage in Kazan, the Una Hotel in Boulogne , the THotel in Cagliari, the DoubleTree by Hilton in Mogliano Veneto and the multifunctional complex Le Terrazze in Treviso, awarded as one of the best projects dedicated to recovering industrial architecture. Recent projects are the Feng Tai Business Cluster, the Yuhang cultural Center, the Dianshan Lake Master Plan in Shanghai. In Italy has realized  the prestigious Excelsior Hotel Gallia in Milan that won several architecture and design international prices.

He also designed the Concept Design for Bulgari worldwide windows and the Casa Alitalia lounges for Alitalia..

Currently, Studio Marco Piva is engaged in the development of urban/residential complex and prestigious private houses in China, United States, India, Montecarlo, Italy and Albania, and in the creation of design furniture and complements  for the main companies in this field.

 Marco Piva Atelier Design has designed for: A Project, Altreforme, Alma Design, Arflex, Arpa Industriale, Bbb, Bencore, Bross, Cabas, Caleido, Casalgrande Padana, Casamilano, CCM, Ceramica  Cielo, Citco, Confalonieri, Colombo Design, Corinto, De Majo, Deko, Ege, Estro, Etro Home, Euromobil, Frati, Gaggiolini, Gattoni Rubinetteria, Glamora, Gervasoni, Jab Anstoetz, Jacuzzi, Kreoo, Kvadrat, i Guzzini Illuminazione, L’Abbate, La Murrina, Lamm, Lapis, Leucos, Lithea, Lualdi, Mandelli1953, Marioni, Meritalia, MisuraEmme, Moroso, Nito, Novello, Oak, Oikos, Okite, Omnitex, Penta, Pierantonio Bonacina, Poliform, Poltrona Frau, Potocco, Rapsel, Reflex, Rever, Riva1920, Rubelli Casa, Schonhuber Franchi, Sahrai, Serralunga, Sicis, Sirrah, So Far So Near, Stella Rubinetterie, Tisettanta,  Unopiù, Up Group, Valpra, Vitaera, VDA, Visionnaire, W52, Zonca




I always gravitated towards the idea of giving shape to abstract thoughts, those fluctuating myriad colours, light and shadows that cross our minds in pensive moments snatched from the concrete physicality of the world around us. They are moving images that are impossible to take a snapshot of, and impossible to reduce to a defined object.
Yet, these images preface the following composition of thoughts, ways of thinking and mental paths that evoke images of memories, numbers and words to mind.
The transitive, foggy and sometimes hypnotic shapes that I’m talking about condense the quality and quantity of meanings that are difficult to succinctly express in mere words.
I’m talking about shapes that are related to the air, shapes that remind us of a visual sensation – a colour, a ring of light, lightening, or a background noise – a vibration, beating, profound – or even something relating to smell – a scent or an aroma. For me, the best way to express and depict these “mental shapes” are watercolours and tempera.
Often, I try to represent what I love to call my “shapes of air” by mixing coloured rings, then layering them or making them thicker with markings and spots in order to find a “non-shape”, something that is a purely visual and mental emotion.
It's interesting to continue the creative process by reworking these transparent and irregular shapes using CGI.
Here, what was just a transitive perception, pauses, reflects, multiplies and regenerates in a journey that becomes both a composition and a story. Forme d’Aria (Air Shapes) is the chosen theme in interpreting the priceless IWishYou labels for Affreschi & Affreschi, and the graphical elements studied in order to present an urbane and attentive audience with a collection of perfumes and selection of exclusive wines. My Air Shapes are enclosed in essential oil and perfume bottles, they shall release their scent around us by evaporating into the air to encircle the lavish and elegant bottle shapes containing fine wines. Once poured into glasses and goblets they shall release their colours, smells and aromas for a unique and sublime unforgettable experience.