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Gio Tirotto

“The objective of each one of my projects is to build a message, be it ethic, politic or ironic… it doesn’t really matter as long as there is one.

I like to think that a designer is like a bridge that connects the idea to the final message, a bridge made of shape, details and function.”

Gio Tirotto doesn’t focus on any specific product group, instead he works to build an artistic language that crosses all different fields of design: from the industrial product to the limited edition, from interiors to temporary set ups.
Gio Tirotto artistic directory is based on the consistency of the idea, that is able to use technique to shape a project at its best.

As of today, he signed the interiors of Chef Carlo Cracco’s newly opened restaurant in Milan: “Carlo & Camilla – In Duomo”, where he pushes the boundaries of the artistic interior design project toward a new interpretation of the renown concept.

“Inspiration comes from observing and studying the very same architecture of Victor Hugo street, where the focal point is crossed by a large stair that leads to sublevel -2.

Underground Milan is a mix I tried to balance through both the stylistic cleanliness of the furniture and the smoothness of the materials, and the graphic-decorative sign given by carefully studying colors and lightings.” (Gio Tirotto)

Milano Design Week 2019, Secondome presents “INTIMATE PHENOMENA”, Gio Tirotto’s investigation about shapes and materials, a collection of “tools for the imagination”.

“Intimate phenomena happen to all of us, events of different size and duration, we observe them in wonder, explore them out of curiosity.” Gio Tirotto

In the field of interior design, Gio Tirotto signs, in 2017, the entire concept for BNBIZ – the first coworking hotel in Italy.

A dynamic and technological space, perfect for startups, conferences, seminar, nomad workers. Lightness, light and comfort are the keywords to understand the “BNBIZ room”, a space designed to fulfill both the work and relax needs of the guest.

COEXIST has been selected by MoMA (Museum Of Modern Art)  in and exclusive black version for the MoMa Store catalogue both in the US and Japan.
Through the PADIGLIONEITALIA project in 2015, the globe COEXIST comes to life for SECONDOME Gallery, the Roman gallery lead by Claudia Pignatale.
In 2012, with the friend and colleague Alessandro Zambelli, Gio Tirotto founds PADIGLIONEITALIA: an independent collective that gathers and exhibits projects by emerging Italian designers during Milan Design Week through experimental concept and without a commercial purpose.
Among the enthusiastic partecipants to PADIGLIONEITALIA, there are Lanzavecchia+Wai studio, Elena Salmistraro, Cristina Celestino, CTRLZAK studio, Antonio Aricò and many more.

Paris Eat’s Design is the title of a live design performace for the the opening of the first LAGO showroom in Paris.


Called by Giulio Iacchetti, Gio Tirotto designs the temporary set up “Meraviglia” at the Milan STRAFF HOTEL.

2007 – Graduates form Milan’s Politecnico majoring in Industrial Design and Interior Design. In Milan he also collects his first main experiences in the design field, both for product and interiors. In these years he works together with Diego Grandi and gest his firsts recognitions, such as being selected for the OPOS contest with the project “Il righello”.


Alcantara, Viabizzuno, Wall&Deco, Seletti, Bormioli Rocco, Lago, Secondome Gallery, Carlo Cracco ed altri.




An exploration of imitating nature through its most simple creative expression, colour.
Just like nature blends and overlays its colours by giving them emotions, the simple stroke delicately colours and blends, producing infinite images or feelings.